sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2015

#Perfect #paleolithic day swiming, and running #barefoot

#Perfect #paleolithic day swiming, and running #barefoot

#Perfect #paleolithic day swiming, and running #barefoot

As the title says today I went to a spring inside a natural protected area. I ran with my sandals enix50 wich collapsed around 2.5 km running. So I went back barefoot with my sandalds in my hands and It was easy running barefoot in dirt and wood but That men when ithe rocks appeared in the path that was hurting me. So my brain suffering decided it will be easier swimming in the river and the samdals will give you more push more throthel in the water. It was 7 Novembrr in Valencia Spain the weather was about 20C and the water was around 18-19C wonderfull 1 Km swimming in the river. Then at the end of the river I went out water and run through the spring. There Pepe my friend He is like a wizard. He showed me that one plant can be eaten and his flowers taste even better is like rucula and with yellow flowers. I ate about 10 flowers and then when I was home even without eaten nothing I started to sunbathe in the sun. Huge rays burning my skin. I jumped in the row a little bit and then I tried to climb a tree but not being very succesfull that was not easy.
I was still barefoot from 9 to 13
I repaired my sandals at 15 then I sunbath a little bit more, half an our.
There you have the photos I hipe you spend a good day

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